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Our Culture

“I’m so proud to be a part of EMS. Our culture is unique in our industry.”

Rob Vanden Broek, President and CEO
As much as we are devoted to serving our clients and building great relationships with our collaborators, we are similarly dedicated to making EMS a great place to work for our employees. Because our business model is built on exceptional service and trust, we recognize that everyone who works for EMS is a key part of what makes us so successful. We pride ourselves on being a great place to work, from our positive and dynamic work environment to our focus on rewarding innovative thinking.

What EMS Has To Offer

We want our employees to be happy and healthy. We want them to reach their full potential and we do everything we can to empower them to reach their goals. We reward forward thinking and will always value your suggestions and thoughts. We value straightforward communication and work hard to listen to every employee’s voice. We firmly believe that EMS succeeds because of the team effort. Our success is your success. We work hard to reduce stress and to create a work environment that is not only positive, but actually fun. We work hard to go the extra mile and deliver exceptional service, and will always reward those who go above and beyond to achieve shared goals.

What You Bring to EMS

There is always a place in our organization for passionate, intelligent and highly-motivated team members. We welcome people who love to come up with innovation solutions, make suggestions, and get engaged with their work. If you have integrity and drive, are a life-long learner, and are looking for a job that will grow with you, then EMS is an ideal workplace for you!

Message from EMS

Of all of the organizations I could have worked for, I chose Eastern because I believe it offered me the best opportunity to fulfill my career goal of taking control of my own destiny.

James Krall
Vice President

Did You Know?

Estimated 4.93 billion egg-laying hens in the world.

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