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Supply Chain

EMS is a full-service meat supplier.

As a full-service meat supplier, at EMS we pride ourselves on being able to deliver whatever our clients need and exceeding their expectations in the process. Our Customer Relationship Managers are absolutely dedicated to ensuring that your needs are met, and well-informed throughout the process of working with us.


To us, this includes conducting market research and helping you interpret and strategize about the current market for meat you wish to procure, and drawing on our global supply portfolio to give you the most choices possible.


We ensure that your meat is handled with the utmost respect and is transported under strictly controlled conditions. We stand by all of the product that we procure, handle, deliver and take responsibility for that product every step of the way.


We can accommodate all of your storage needs for any size order, making sure that your meat stays safe and fresh until you need it. While storing your meat, we provide customized inventory management services.


We enjoy a wonderful relationship with Sierra Custom Foods who provides processing (deboning, slicing and dicing, trimming and finishing), freezing (blast freezing, frozen storage), storage and custom packaging.


We are happy to help you take on financial responsibility for all of the product that we handle, shifting it to our balance sheet, as a convenience to our customers.


We take pride in our reliability to deliver your pork, poultry or beef exactly when and where you need it. We will also go the extra mile to get competitive bids on favourable delivery terms and can accommodate just-on-time deliveries.

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“I’m so proud to be a part of EMS. Our culture is unique in our industry.There’s a reason everyone wants to work with the most transparent, passionate and motivated people. It just feels right.”

Rob Vanden Broek

Did You Know?

The world consumes 13.6kg of poultry per person a year.

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